Headshot of Lisa Karen Cox.

Lisa Karen Cox

Panelist: (Re)casting Shakespeare in Canada

Lisa Karen Cox is an in-demand consultant and educator with a focus in cultural responsiveness, equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging. A deep believer in the power of the future, Lisa works extensively with creatives and storytellers including media producers, crew, and writers; child care professionals, educators; playwrights; and actors. Lisa also has a wide-ranging history in business, advertising and performance. She holds a graduate degree in education and a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in the Fine Arts with a minor in business studies from Concordia University.

An Assistant Professor of Acting at Toronto Metropolitan, the core of Lisa’s research is in culturally responsive pedagogy, processes and artistic and narrative-based projects; care and relational processes at the intersection of motherhood and anti-oppression; as well as digital theatre. She holds a Master of Science in Education (M.S.Ed.) and spent over a decade working in the performing arts with the Toronto District School Board, and developed an integrated performing arts program from a global perspective.

Lisa is an Afro-Caribbean Canadian woman who brings a strong equity lens, anti-oppression politics backed by pedagogy, and clear, constructive, inclusive communication skills to her work. Her multifaceted career includes a decade of experience as a professional actor and director, in Canada and internationally.