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Poster for (Re)casting Shakespeare in Canada Symposium at York University. Poster by Hope Van Der Merwe.
Cover of Canadian Theatre Review 193: Casting and Race.
Cover of Canadian Theatre Review Vol. 193: Casting and Race. Image Info: Colin Wolf in There is Violence and There is Righteous Violence and There is Death, or, The Born-Again Crow, Gwaandak Theatre, 2018. Photo by Kris Moore Photography.
Cover image for the Intermission Magazine feature converstion with Jamie Robinson and Walter Borden.
Intermission Magazine Feature: "(Re)Casting the Shakespearean Mold: In Conversation with Jamie Robinson and Walter Borden" By Jessica Watson.
Cover image for "Shaking Up Shakespeare" podcast series hosted by Marlis Schweitzer, Hope Van Der Merwe, and Liam Lockhart-Rush.
Shaking Up Shakespeare is a brand new podcast series created by and hosted by members of the team! We interviewed over 30 people who have a connection to Shakespeare's work to get their perspective on the Bard.

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