Robert Haughton

ASL Translation Team - Shaking Up Shakespeare

Robert’s love for theatre began at Gallaudet University and has been his guiding light
since. Currently, he’s performing at But The Truth, where the direction of Juan Jaramillo, Theresa Upton, and Robert Bhola makes magic happen. He’s also worked as a deaf interpreter, bridging the gap for inclusion in several theatres.

Offstage, he takes pride in being a devoted black deaf dad to his four amazing kids and their playful dog, Ruben. Beyond acting, he’s found purpose as a full-time therapist for deaf and hard of hearing children at PAH! in Milton, Ontario. It’s more than a job; it’s his heartfelt commitment to helping their community’s mental well-being. Through theatre and therapy, he aims to make a difference, advocating for diversity, accessibility, and emotional support for the deaf and hard of hearing. His journey isn’t just about performances; it’sabout creating a better, inclusive world for everyone.